Porsche 550

Introduced at the 1953 Paris Auto Show. Aluminum body and no roof. Designed by Wilhelm Hild. The body was built by Weidenhusen in Frankfurt.

Two cars raced at Le Mans that year, No. 45 driven by Richard von Frankenbuer and the well known writer Paul Frere took 15th, and No. 44 driven by Helm Glockler and Hans Herman placed 16 overall scoring double class wins.

James Dean purchased a 550 RS and subsequently killed himself in it.

In 1956 the 550 achieved a major success by winning the Targa Florio with Umberto Maglioli at the wheel, 15 minutes in front of the second place Maserati, a 3 liter car.. This with a 1500cc flat 4 Fuhrman engine.

Chassis 550-004

c338-016-10 The factory Panamerican Road Race car.

Chassis 550-012

c338-530-05 Prescott Kelly's seen at the Pebble Beach Concour de Elegance in 1998.
c338-530-06 This car was a class winner in the 1954 Le Mans.

Chassis 550-080

cl46-07 Jerry Seinfeld's 1956 550 1500RS Spyder
cl46-06 Seen at 2002 Hillsborough Concours

Chassis 550-090

cl46-18 1956 550 RS Spyder. This is an original unrestored car now owned by the Mallya Collection.
cl46-19 This car was once owned by Fred Sebald and later by George Rielly.
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