Porsche 356


The first 47 Porsches made after World War II in 1948 to 1951 were made at Gmünd Austria on wood forms with aluminum bodies. Then Porsche moved to Stuttgart into facilities rented from Reuters. The final production numbers for the 356 was 78,000.

In 1951 Porsche prepared 5 of their Gmünd coupes and designated them 356SL. Two were entered in the 1951 24 Hrs de Le Mans but crashed in practice. Out of those two this car was built according to Hal Thoms.

Bruce Anderson has a different version of these events. He says that 7 of the Gmünd cars were recycled as racers being much lighter than the steel bodied 356 which were 300 lbs heavier. New chassis numbers were provided. 3 cars were prepared for Le Mans, 2 crashed leaving this car.

The 356SL cars were renumbered. 2 of them, #063 and #064 are shown below.
c039-287-22 Gmünd Coupe. This one is from the Porsche Museum collection.
c039-287-23 Three Gmünd 356 at the Palo Alto Concours, 1998.
c039-287-20 356SL/2-064 Porsche Museum collection. 1st in class at the 1951 24 Hrs de Le Mans.
c039-287-25 The John von Neumann 356SL/2-063


c338-572-11 1952 America Roadster. Seen at Pebble Beach Concours
c338-572-12 1960 Beutler-Porsche Coupe 2+2. 1 of 5 built.


c043-969-10 No. 30. Owned by Dean Watts. Seen at the 2000 Monterey Historics.
c222-133-10 No. 30.
c222-133-11 No. 30. Carrera engine.
cl15-20 No 30. Fuhrmann engine. Monterey Historics, 2001.
cl60-05 Monterey Historics, 2002.
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