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Testing the Generator


  • Testing the generator is simple if you have an ammeter.
  • My generator is is rated at 14volts, 25 amps.
  • The ammeter is attached in series with the D+ wire on the generator.
  • You do not want to draw more than 25 amps.
  • An electrical short or a bad voltage regulator could allow too much current to be drawn. If this happens the generator could overheat. After about 15 minutes in this condition the solder in the armature contacts could melt, ruining the generator.
  • My new and rebuilt components now act normally:
    • The generator light turns off above about 1000 RPM.
    • The generator amperage rises with increasing RPM to about 25 amps.
    • At higher RPM the ammeter begins to jump, showing the regulator is preventing more than 25 amps from flowing from the generator.
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