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Checking the Timing


  • Engine is running at idle.
  • Timing light is connected to 12 volts
  • Induction pickup is across the spark plug wire to the #1 cylinder
  • Point the light at the timing marks and pull the trigger.
  • The TDC mark on the pulley should be to the left of the the mark about 3 degrees.
  • If the pulley is 14 cm in diameter (its probably slightly less and is hard to measure when on the car), it will be 44 cm in circumference. 3 degrees represents 3.67 mm or just over 1/8 in. With my Pertronix electronic points, I time mine at 5 deg before TDC which is a bit over 1/4 in on the circumference of the pulley.
  • Don't let your tie get caught in the rotating machinery!
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