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Window Frame


The driver's side window frame was removed to change the door lock. It also has to be removed to change glass, the window lifting mechanism or any of the rubber or felt seals.
  • Remove the door panel. This is discussed here.
  • Screw off the push button and remove the narrow upper wrap-around panel. For many activities this panel does not have to be removed.
  • Remove the socket head screws that are accessed from the edge of the door. There are two at the top of the door at the front and the back edge. There is one at the lower rear edge.
  • Raise the window to enable access to the inside of the door.
  • 030301-230.jpgRemove the socket head screws that hold the lower ends of the window frame to the door. The T-handle Allen wrench is invaluable here.
  • There is one more socket screw on the door approximately where the wing window lock is located.
  • Lower the window.
  • Now the frame can be lifted from door. If it catches at the back edge, push in the frame slightly so the top screw plate will clear the door sheet metal.
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