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Visor Mounting Pins


A pin slips into each end of the visor. One end has a large diameter pin and the other end is smaller. The larger diameter version is clamped to provide an adjustable tension to hold the visor in a fixed position.

In my case the plastic carrier for the larger diamter pin had cracked and expanded over the years, possibly because it had frozen in the visor and when the visor was mover, it broke the plastic carrier. Whatever the reason, I filled the crack and inside of the hole with an epoxy and replaced the pin, letting the epoxy harden.

You can see the broken plastic on the top left, now filled with transluscent cured epoxy. The part number for this part is 901.731.323.41. Parts Obsolete may have one in stock.

The pin was cleaned off and the the inner surface of the clamp was cleaned off with a QueTip and some cleaning solution.
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