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Bottom of Shifter Plate


This picture shows the Weltmeister short shifter after installation in the upper shift housing.

The springs on early cars were compressed. Evidently, later cars had a different design without compression.

To remove and replace the shifter:

  1. There are two rods inside the springs held on with cir-clips. Remove the clips, slide the rods out the remove the springs. You might do this operation while under a towel because the springs are tightly compressed and could get away from you and disappear into some strange place in the room if not captured.
  2. Remove the cylindrical plastic piece from the end of the shifter. It is pink in the picture from the die in the grease.
  3. Remove the small sliding plate from inside the housing.
  4. Remove the spring covering the ball of the shifter.
  5. Now the shifter can be removed.
  6. Clean up the parts.

Replace any worn parts, particularly the plastic ones. To reassemble, do the above in reverse order:

  1. Use moly grease on the sliding surfaces.
  2. The springs are tricky because they are pretty strong and have to be compressed at least a half an inch. Put the unit in a vise to hold it in place while working on the springs. Slide a rod in part way and put the end of a spring over the rod. Grab the outer end of the spring with pliers and compress the spring enough to fit into the housing. Slide the rod the rest of the way through the spring and then tap the end of the spring into position so the rod will then slide through the hole in the housing.
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