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Throttle Bell Crank


The throttle bell crank is a souce of problems with age. First the plastic bearings eventually turn into dust and disappear which allows the bell crank to rattle. Second there is a rubber coupling that will eventually break leaving you stranded.
  • The bushings should be replaced. The size of both the shaft and the tube of the bell crank have changed in size over the years. The shaft on my car is 10 mm and the inside diameter of the tube is 13 mm. This is a guide to determine the proper bushings although this part has chenged in dimension over the years. Check your before ordering new bushings.
  • The rubber coupling is a cylinder of rubber with threaded washers at each end. The replacement part adds a tube over the rubber couple with the ends swaged over to keep the couple captured even if the rubber coupler were to break. The couple is threaded on the end of the throttle rod.
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