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Torsion Bar with Orientation Marker and Bronze Bushing


Now the torsion bar can be replaced, orienting it in the direction it came out. You can see the bearing is seated in the cavity with the zirk fitting toward the front of the car. This position provides access in order to fill with grease after the parts are all assembled. Here was my experience with the grease gun.

Final assembly was complicated for me because the design works when the two bearings are concentric. I was not able to grind the inner bearing perfectly round and concentric which caused the cover plate not to line up with the mounting holes. I needed a bit of freedom in position which was achieved by drilling out the mounting holes and placing washers under the plate of different thickness at each of the four corners. Measuring the distance of the plate to the stand offs mounted on the car was used for each of the four bolts. I made a trip to the hardware store to get a hand full of washers and then used a couple of the original thicker washers mounted under the plate.
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