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1959 Porsche RSK


From the sign:

One of the rarest of all racing Porsche cars, this center seat Porsche RSK in on of only SIX known to have been built. This purpose build sports racing car won many races in Europe, and wer the predecessor to the venerable RS60, that was the scourge of early sports car racing in this country. Among the earliest racers in this type of car in this contry were Roger Penske, Bob Holbert, Jack McAfee and Phil Hill, as well as many more.

The unique feature of this RSK is its convertibility from single seat, center steering car, to a two seat left hand drive sports car, in approximately one hour. Porsche used these cars for both Formula Two and Sports Car races, by moving the seat and steering wheel from the left side to the center.

This car has become one of the most highly visible in American vintage car racing, consistenty being a fixture on the front of grids from Laguna Seca in California to Watkins Glen, New Yourk.

This car was purchased in Dayton, Ohio by Rick Grant after over 20 years of trying... the car had been stored in a north Dayton garage the entire time! Campaigned by Grant Motorsports and driven by Daytonian John Higgins.
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