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Caliper with one Piston Extended


The procedure for putting new seals in the pistons normally is to remove brake pads, push the pistons to the brake disk by pumping them out with the brakes and then removing the the caliper. Then restrict one piston from movement. Blow out the other pistons with air pressure. Clean this one up and replace with new seals.

The reason for pushing the pistons to the disks after removing the pads is to break free any frozen pistons. You will be able to exert much more pressure with the brake system than with air pressure later.

Both pistons can be extended to the disks without going so far as to pop them free of their cylinder while the caliper is still mounted on the car.

Here you can see the caliper with one piston extended. There is still enough space left to work on the hidden piston without disturbing this one.
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