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Douglas DC-3


This is the second oldest surviving Doublas DC-3. It was delivered to United Airlines in 1936 where it remained in service until 1953 when it went to Continental Air Lines.

It was restored in 1987 and acquired by Evergreen in 1990.

It has flown more than 15 million passenger miles, used 153 engines, consumed 8 million gallons of gas and used 131,000 gallons of oil.

Douglas DC-3:

 First Flight December 17, 1935
 Wingspan 95 feet
 Length 64 feet, 5.5 inches
 Empty Weight 16,863 lbs
 Gross Weight 25,200 lbs
 Capacity 32 passengers max
 Cruise Speed 207 mph
 Top Speed 230 mph at 8,500 ft
 Range 2125 mph
 Service Ceiling 23,200 ft
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