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Tony Euganeo - the Key Guy


Tony reads keys, some people read tea leaves.

Tony Euganeo from Pennsylvania flew in to Parts Heaven today to make keys for us. He has a battery powered key grinder and a box of keys. Here is Will, looking for his email address on the card and Tony making some spare keys for Brian.

For Will and I, he 'read' our spare key. Inspecting the bumps on it then referring to a sheet of paper from which he got the Porsche key number. Then he dug out the Porsche key with the correct key code on it. Presto, the key matched my spare. The key was $22. Talking to Tony and the gang about keys,

You got it. Priceless.

He is a locksmith and can do locks as well as keys.

Tony Euganeio
(610) 461-0519
Sharon Hill, PA
Last modified: Mon, 17 Oct 2005


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