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Spark Plug Wrench


There are several good solutions to remove and replacement of spark plugs. The first time it is done it can be slow to accomplish.

Use a spark plug wrench that grabs the plug either with a magnet or a foam sleeve. Dropping a plug into the sheet metal adds quite a bit of time to the process by the time you go to the store to get a magnet suitable for fishing out the plug.

If you remove the air filters you have better visibility for the front two plugs. I can even get both hands on the wrench when doing that.

I use this wrench from an 80's 944 to change spark plugs. It grabs the plug so you have less chance to drop it inside the sheet metal shroud. It also has a spring that keeps the socket in-line with the handle when that helps starting the plugs back into their threads. The T-bar is used only to break the plug free at the beginning and at the end for the final tightening. I remove and istall the plug by just twisting with my fingers.

Notice the angle of the wrench when you remove each plug and try to reproduce that angle when replacing.

One you've done it once and put a tiny bit of anti-seize on the plugs they go in and out much easier. Beware of cross threading the plug. I always screw in the plug by hand which is easy with the tool shown above because the spring keeps the joint from articulating at an inopportune time.

Don't tighten them too much. The washers compress and seal easily.
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