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Upgrading from 009 to 050 with Pertronix


Bob Anderson bought an 050 distributor with a Pertronix electronic points installed. Here is Bob and Brian Mendel installing it. Here is Bob's comment after he got home:

As I said thanks Brian and Dave for helping me install the 050
Distributor with the Pertronix in my 67 912. You were right, in every
gear the car just wants to keep revving.

With the 009 first gear wound up and ran out of RPM's very quickly. Sort of reminded me of my old MGA. I never understood when other 912'ers were talking about red-lining because I could never come close with the 009.

Now I have three things that I would recommend to someone buying a 912. 1. Brakes, 2. New H4 Lights and now 3. 050 Distributor with Pertronix.

In a way it was probably better that we had the 009 when my son was driving the car because I doubt if he would have gone very long before picking up a ticket. My son was here for Christmas and liked the new carpets. Now I am anxious for him to drive it when he returns from the UK in May so he can see the improvement in performance.

Thanks Again. Bob Anderson
Last modified: Sun, 12 Jan 2003


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