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#902 Engine Compartment


Details include:

  • The engine mounts are rigid, using early flat plate mount. By the time this car was build in late 1957, the standard engine mount was U shaped and had 4 rubber mounting blocks. Tying the engine firmly to the car makes shifting more precise because the transmission does not shift in position like the street car does.
  • There is an oil breather catch tank for engine crankcase mounted on the firewall in front of the engine. The stock setup is to route the oil filler hose into the air cleaners. Oil vapors from the breather hoses have a chance to condense in this tank. This arraignment prevents any oil from one of the hoses and getting on the race track.
  • There are velocity stacks feeding the carburetors. The car does not have air-cleaners at this time.
  • The engine sheet metal is powder coated in a very light color.
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