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CV joint from 1969 912


This is a correctly reassembled CV joint. Note that two close together notches in the inner race line up between two pairs of notches in the outer race.

The best way to reassemble is to use the marks that were on the pieces to check the final alignment. If no marks were found, paint or a center punch could be used. The idea is reassemble the same was as the parts were assembled originally.

Failing that we should note the parts go back together correctly as this picture shows or incorrectly. You can tell if correct when the CV joint moves easily off plane from the shaft. Incorrectly when the CV joint is rigidly held perpendicular to the shaft.

Note that the inner and outer ball races are angled so they are in pairs close together with a space and then two more pairs.

Assemble so the inner pairs are in line between outer pairs.

If the assembled CV does not articulate easily, take it apart and rotate the inner race in your hand by one ball and reassemble.
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