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Underside of the Car Engine Removed


Brian is checking the threads for the bolt used to attach the motormount. The bolt threads were bad and the bolt must be replaced. The threads on the mount will have to be re-tapped before reassembly.

The boots on the half shafts are cracked and will have to be replaced.

There is some extra wiring in the upper right side of the picture. This consists of a starter relay that Craig added. We also cut the wires to the backup lights because there is no connector. A two wire connector will have to be added before the engine is replaced.

I learned that there will be several unanticipated items that will have to be purchased after the engine is removed. Unless one is very prepaired, he should plan on the engine being out of the car long enough to purchase and receive the neew parts. Since projects like this are only done during week ends at my house, dropping the engine means at least a week of down time.
Last modified: Sat, 19 Oct 2002


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