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Motor Cycle Jack


Sears sells a motorcycle jack that my brother uses for his BMW. At maximum extension it was just a bit too short, a problem that could have been solved with a piece of wood between the jack and the engine. We did not use a board and also did not totally unload the weight of the engine off the engine mounts. No harm, but we will need the extra height when replacing the engine.

If the front of the car was also on ramps, the car would be level and you would not see the angle of the pan compared to the top jack surfaces. This would also reduce the need for additional wood pieces between the jack and the engine.

The weight of the transmission moves the center of gravity of the engine slightly behind the rear edge of the engine case.

Notice the muffler on the Bursch exhaust. As the engine is lowered by the jack, that exhaust interferes with the hydraulic cylinder. We had to remove the muffler before dropping engine all the way down.
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