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Disconnect the Engine and Transmission


Here is a list of items that have to be disconnected under the car:

  • The heater hoses. Disconnect them from the heater boxes. You can just see the hose as it snakes around to the gate valve above the half shaft.
  • Clutch cable.
  • Throttle cable.
  • Heater cables to the flapper boxes. The orphan wire from top to bottom in the picture is the heater cable after being disconnected.
  • Ground strap to the starter.
  • Electrical connections to the starter. These have been removed when the picture was taken.
  • Backup light switch.
  • Speedometer cable at the back of the transmission.
  • Half shafts. The design of these is different on the '69 compared to the earliear cars. There are 4 bolts and two pins through the CV joint carrier instead of the 6 bolts on my car.
  • The transmission shift linkage must be disconnected from behind the back seat. The coupler is removed from the shaft that comes out the nose of the transmission. We were very careful not to put any strain on this shaft as the engine was removed.
  • Engine mounts on the transmission.

    I learned how the design of the half shafts is different on the later 912 compared to mine. For this model there is a gasket between the transmission flange and the CV joint carrier. The gasket will have to be replaced when the unit is reassembled.
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