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CV Joint Parts


  • Here are all the metal parts of the CV joint.
  • The connical washer slides on the shaft first with outer edge closer to the end than the inner.
  • The inner race goes inside the cage with the balls pushed into the cage from the outside. This is an interference fit.
  • Find the groove on on the inner race with the blue mark. This groove matches that on the outer race.
  • Slide the cage - balls - inner race assembly into the outer starting with the race at right angles to its final position.
  • As it is slid into the outer race, rotate the cage assembly so that the blue mark on the inner race is visible and adjacent to the blue mark on the outer race.
  • This movement is tricky. Try it to understand how it works before packing with grease.
  • Be sure the joint surfaces will slide. If you put it together wrong, the joint will not move as it should.
  • Remove the race and pack the race with grease from both sides, being careful to elminate air pockets.
  • After final assembly, the C-ring is snapped on to the end of the splined shaft in the groove near the end.
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