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Removing the Piston


Here is the setup to remove the piston from one side of the caliper.

  • The pistons are removed and replaced one side at a time.
  • The opposing piston is held in place by a C-clamp.
  • To prevent damage to the piston a shop rag or block of wood is placed in the opening.
  • Air pressure was used to blow out the cylinder. This one came loose with 120 psi. The nossle of the air hose had a rubber tip which sealed on the hydraulic input fitting without bleeding. If the air pressure did not work because the piston is frozen in the caliper, Dave usually re-attaches the caliper to the car and uses the master cylinder pressure to pop the piston free.
  • There is still hydraulic fluid in the caliper, so it can make a mess when the piston comes clear. The mess was contained by draping some more shop rags over the assembly before applying the air pressure.
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