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After Removing front Strut


The A-arm rotates in rubber bushings. On my car, the front bushings have been changed but the rears have not. The are expensive. Fine changes in height are made with an adjustment screw. This can be done with the car on the ground. Gross changes are easier with the A-arm unloaded from the weight of the hub and shock strut. Changes are made by sliding the torsion bar out the front of the suspension then raising the A-arm until the torsion bar will fit back into its grooves.

  • First, I removed out the strut, axle and hub.
  • Removing 2 bolts on the A-arm which connect to the ball-joint, the tie rod, the nut and washer in the trunk at the top of the shock and the brake line.
  • The hard part of this operation is breaking the tie rod free. I used a gear puller which worked but a tool designed more specifically for the purpose would work much better.
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