Speed Nuts for Logos


The aluminum 'PORSCHE' logo on the rear deck lid is in two pieces on my car, broken at the S. The speed nuts holding the POR portion have disappeared and the piece was loose. There are pins on the logos that protrude through holes in the deck. These are called:

999.507.221.40 Mecano Speed Nut

and are available at the dealer. They attach with the aide of a socket wrench. I now have 4 and two spares. I removed both halves, cleaned the deck lid and put the logo back using one speed nut on each side and a bit of 3M Fast Tack Trim Adhesive PN 08031 to secure the logo to the body. Original aluminum colored logos are very hard to find so I don't want it to fall off.
Last modified: Thu, 21 Feb 2002


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