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Old and New Turn Signal Relays


  • Old Hella thermal controlled relay on the left.
  • New Tridon Stant EL13 relay on the right purchased from Kragen for $8.
  • 'Electronic Extended Life Flasher'.
  • There was also an EL13C for the same price and SKU.
  • Package instructions say, "Replaces original flasher on American and older import cars and light trucks where heavy duty applications are required. Lasts 10 times as long as standard thermal flashers!"
  • Does not indicate if a bulb has burned out - is a variable load flasher. Another choice might have been to get a relay that can detect when a bulb burns out and starts to flash rapidly. In view of my problems with the factory replacement, this fancier one did not seem like a good idea.
Last modified: Mon, 17 Oct 2005


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