Jan 1, 2004 Anti-Football Run

040305-l0145 The participants got a nice sweat shirt.
040101-4334 Three dejected 912s in the rain.
040101-4336 A beautiful Ferrari, one of several at the staging area.
040101-4339 An Alfo-Romeo GT Junior Zagato.
040101-4341 Here is an original and unrestored RS 911.
040101-4342 Several Mercedes coupes.
040101-4348 End of the road. The track took us up the California coast, but the road was washed out before we got to the point the map told us to turn right.
040101-4349 Petey Thornton, Asha and Larkin Evans standing by John and Larin's white 912.

By the time we climbed up and away from the coast the heavy rain subsided and we wer blessed with some fine views and great driving roads. Finally, lunch in Sausolito and it was time to come home.
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